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  1. THANK YOU. This is a great bit of perspective on a doom-and-gloom topic!
  2. I definitely have. So far the only "yes" I've gotten is from the program I thought I wouldn't even get an interview with! I agree with what one of the posters above said--the more selective programs are apt to look more closely at all of the applications in general than a school on a lower tier.
  3. As far as I know, no one active in this thread applied to UC-Davis Performance Studies but just in case there are others who have been frustrated by their admissions process: I called just now and was told that they have made all their offers already, to five applicants out of forty. So that is the end of that! (for me)
  4. Hooray! Congratulations! Does anyone know what is going on with UC-Davis? I have sent two e-mails over the past 4-5 weeks and have heard nothing.
  5. This forum has been a total godsend for me in so many ways. So many nice, smart people! Sending fierce, fierce vibes to everyone--especially Garnet Geek! Still waiting on California but WHOA the stakes are so much lower now. Phew.
  6. I got into Northwestern IPTD! I feel like I have felt every single possible emotion over the past 24 hours. Woof.
  7. Anyone have plans for what they'll do if they get shut out this year? I am actually going out of my mind.
  8. I was at the Northwestern applicant weekend. There were 7 of us there in person, but I was also told that two people were interviewing via Skype. I spoke with Harvey Young on the phone today and he said folks would be hearing by Monday.
  9. Well, I did not hear from CUNY in any capacity. Is it say to assume that's over for me? When should I start panicking?
  10. I hear different top rankings from different people, usually (from what I can tell--in my opinion) depending on their current geographical location. I was under the impression that NYU was number one and/but very closely followed by Brown. Stanford is on par with Brown and then Northwestern following that. Then CUNY. All that said, one program I hear great things about from scholars is the Theatre Historiography Ph.D at Minnesota. It seems to me to be a real up-and-coming program that is well-respected by those in the field and only gaining more and more recognition as it establishes itse
  11. I applied to CUNY as well. Judging from past years, I don't think we will hear for a while yet. : /
  12. I got a very nice rejection e-mail from UT-Austin last night. Still do not know why I was rejected.
  13. I did not apply to Hunter; in retrospect, I forget why. I think I had met the head of the program at Brooklyn College and was impressed with her and the placement rates (100% of folks from the MA program have gotten into a Ph.D program SOMEWHERE, which to me at the time seemed super impressive). A friend of mine who graduated laster was accepted to a few programs and eventually chose UT-Austin and seems quite happy there. What're the placement rates like at the Hunter program?
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