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  1. pedropabloerr

    Laptops and Tablets for IR Students

    What suits you better? I believe that question is more important than what's the trend.... Anyways, at least in work meetings, roundtables, seminars and workshops, I've seen that still, laptops are more popular, but tables have earned their space. Laptops are usually macbooks, and microsoft surfaces are very popular among tablets. People with academic background tend to have laptops, while senior executives are more prone to tablets, but that may relate to their access to more costly and state-of-the-art gadgets.
  2. Many international students chose programs without visiting their school; sometimes not even the country before. I don't think is a problem at all....
  3. pedropabloerr

    What did you major in for undergrad?

    Law (I'm a lawyer, I guess LLB would be the similar)
  4. pedropabloerr

    Hertie School MPP

    Hey! Congratulations to all of you that are joining the 2019 class, and good luck to those that are still making up their minds. Since we are already a few, what about we start introducing us? I guess we can tell a bit of ourselves to help us all to have an idea of how our class will look like. I'm Pedro Pablo, but most of my friends call me Pepe. I'm from Santiago de Chile, where I live, and I expect to be moving to Berlin in August. I don't speak German, but that's a goal I plan to achieve during my stay in Hertie. I'm a lawyer, though I never actually practiced. For the past three years, I've been working on trade policy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile, as a delegate to APEC (www.apec.org). From this March on, however, and until I move to Berlin, I'm working at the Gender Department, that seeks to mainstream gender equality issues in foreign trade, among others. I'm keen to gender and all forms of economic inclusion and inclusive growth in general. To be honest, even before I knew about Hertie I first chose Berlin, and then from the pool of options, I opted for Hertie's MPP as it suits me better than all other English programs I found. Last year I visited the School and did a lot of research, and I believe it was a right choice. Now I'm very anxious to move and start my studies! Also, I've been working for the past five years (though including a sabbatical), and before that, I spent my time studying for my (sort of) bar exam and doing an internship. What I'm trying to say is that the last time I attended a class macbooks were not that common (and iphones worked only with wifi), which makes me want to start the program soon even more. I miss engaging in discussions over lunch with no work-egos involved or wearing street outfits. I don't miss not having money, but I guess I can live with that again for a couple of years. Nice to meet you all! Pepe
  5. pedropabloerr


    When I opted for Hertie instead of LSE, I put on the balance everything that CakeTea just named, plus the fact that I really wanted to live in Berlin. LSE's worldwide reputation was the main reason why I would have applied to its MPA, but at the end it was not enough.
  6. pedropabloerr

    Hertie School MPP

    Hi all, I just transferred the first tuition deposit and sent the agreements by post. I'll be waiting for the acceptance letter, but I guess I'm officially enrolled. Good luck to everybody!
  7. pedropabloerr

    How Many Schools Are You Applying To?

    From the very first moment, I knew I wanted to move to Berlin so I actually had only to options: Hertie's MPP and Postdam's MPM. I already applied and was accepted to the first one, so that's it. Applying to undergraduate schools is very exhausting! I don't know how you guys do it, applying to so many different places. Congratulations anyways!
  8. Hi all, I'm pursuing a Master degree in Germany, and I already failed to get a scholarship from the DAAD. I've been directed to many external funding options by the University I applied, but they all require high German speaking skills (at least B1, though some go even B2). Do you know any other option? Thanks in advance
  9. pedropabloerr

    JD vs MPP

    Hi, I'm a B.L and also a lawyer admitted to the bar in my country, and now I'm going for an MPP. If you want to make money, go for the JD. As for the skills....to me, an MPP is widening the skills I've got, but since you have already studied sociology and political science, maybe that wouldn't be the case... Anyways, professional paths are tricky and hard to predict, but usually, lawyers are more practical and case focus on their work, unlike policy makers who tend to focus on the whole picture. As for the skills required....to be honest, too many people study law. The pool of possibilities is too big to say you are skilled enough or not.
  10. pedropabloerr

    MPP Hertie School financing

    Also bear in mind that the first two semesters, or at least the first one, is supposed to be very intensive, which means you don't have much time for part time jobs. I had the same doubts you have about it, and finally, I opted to wait for another year before applying and to save as much money as I could before moving to Berlin.
  11. pedropabloerr

    MPP / Global Policy Germany, HELP, I can't decide

    It would be good to know about your final decision, and your thoughts about it
  12. pedropabloerr

    Hertie School MPP

    Hi guys, thank you a lot for the insights. Aiden, I sent you an inbox message. I've been talking to other current students, and every time I seem more eager to join Hertie.
  13. pedropabloerr

    Hertie School MPP

    Thank you so much for your response. Are you a student/former student? As for speaking German, in your experience do foreign students learn it during their 2 years in Berlin? Thank you!! PP
  14. As for me, it's the other way around...I'm planning to pursue an MPP, and one fo the fears I have is that my fellow students will not have work experience enough to enrich the class environment. After having worked 3 years full time in this field, plus other 2 years in other jobs, plus internships, I finally feel like I'm ready to go back to school and to have a meaningful experience, and not just to add some more years of formal education to my resume.
  15. pedropabloerr

    Hertie School MPP

    Hello everyone, I've been offered admission to the Hertie School of Governance MPP class of 2019, and I'm very excited about it. For over a year I had thought about studying abroad, and for many reasons (being Berlin one of them) I opted for this program as my first choice. Now that I've been admitted final doubts come to my mind, mostly because of the expensive tuition (maybe lower than in other countries, but very expensive compared to the rest of Germany). I've read a bit about the School's reputation in past posts, but if I could get some updated insights I'd pretty much appreciate it. If anyone knows, what about the students? If I finally enroll, I'll turn 32 just a bit after starting the course. Will I be too old? I know that Europeans go into graduate school younger than we do, for instance, here in SouthAmerica, and sometimes without work experience. I've also read about the increasing reputation of the School in the international field, but do you think it will limit my work opportunities outside from Europe, compared to other similar programs? Finally, in some reviews I've read that it is really good if you are into EU policies. I'm actually very interested, but I wouldn't like to feel that I skipped learning from what's going on in other regions... These are my doubts, but I'm actually very determined to pursue the program. I just want to be as sure as possible of the final decision I make. I had the chance of visiting the school about two months ago, and I liked it a lot. It felt very different from where I got my undergraduate degree (big public university), but that made it even more appealing as an experience. If there are other possible members of the same class say hi! Cheers, Pedro

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