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Thesis topic suggestion in Computer Science

Muhammad Ismail

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Dear sir,

I am student of MS Computer science from Pakistan I have completed my course work now plan to start my thesis research work little bit confuse which topic and where I will do which good scope areas and may that help me to MS heading to PhD in computer science

I am interested and little has information about these areas

Semantic web technology

Cloud computing application

Penetration testing ethical hacking

Smart deceive pervasive computing   

These areas which topic I would start my thesis

 Kindly suggested my which is topic good and have scope and kindly have you have any related research papers on topic kindly email me

I am very thankful to your consideration 

waiting your good suggestion and guild line  

MS computer science student 

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I am surprised that you are asking others this question as opposed to doing some research yourself and/or talking to your advisor. I am an MS in CS too and my advisor was my only source of information to narrow down on a topic(I had the broad area in mind).  You need to do more reading from papers/academics to understand which topic will be more useful to you in terms of the future. Do you have an adivsor yet?

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no dear 

I have not yet adivsor i talk few professor they told me read that areas which is you better understand then come we discuss then we plan to start your research on that topic it was i am try to study but not have focus which is better for me

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