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E-reader/PDF annotating in non-English Languages


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So last time I was in grad school was a few years ago and I was the only person in my program comfortable scanning books into PDFs.  Based on a couple other forum threads times have changed for the better :)


My question to all of you- do you have recommendations for e-readers and/or PDF annotating software that is foreign language friendly?  Also, which e-readers seem to have the best library of non-English e-books?


My personal interest is in Spanish/Catalan/French/Portuguese friendly devices, but if you know X reader is better than Y for Arabic (or Japanese or whatever) then please jump in too!

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The Kindle is pretty good in my opinion.  I first got the Kobo because its pretty common here in Canada, but I could not buy many Spanish books in their store.  Amazon on the other hand is way ahead of the game!  There is lots of stuff in Spanish, and you can find stuff in French, Portuguese, and the odd Catalan book. 

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Hi there! I have been using a pretty amazing pdf/document editor compatible with any language. It's called ABBY FineReader. Although the software is pricey, it is well worth every penny. You can scan any document in any language (or take a picture of it with your phone/camera), upload it into the program, and the program will recognize all the text. It reproduces the text into a Word or pdf file and allows you to edit and format the original text. What's especially original about this program is that if you have a document in a non-Western language (say Chinese, for example), it will recognize the ideograms within a 97-99.9% accuracy level. Of course, the accuracy level depends on how clear the document is when it is uploaded into the program. This program is particularly useful when you have a foreign book and want to make digital photocopies of it in .doc(x) files, while allowing you to add comments and marginal notes. Works on both Mac and PC and great for digital note-taking.

Best of luck, my friend!  ;) 

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