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Recjection phone call?


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I have yet to hear of such a phenomenon. Do you have any idea why they would want to schedule a telephone conversation to reject you? It seems like this is a rather unwieldy and inconvenient thing to do.

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I guess I could understand it if you've had extensive contact with people in the program or interviewed there.

In slightly unusual circumstances, I called a school to withdraw my application. I guess it's kind of the same thing, except backwards, if a school calls to reject you?

That said, I have never actually heard of anything like that happening. Do let us know what was said.

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A phone call is how I found out I didn't get into one Ivy.

I emailed a prof I'd been in touch with (mainly) via email since before the application process.

As I'd heard rumours that results were being heard, I sent him an email, asking if there was any news about my application decision.

He sent me an email, asking me to call him. I did. We chatted. He told me that I hadn't been made an offer to be part of the incoming cohort.

I was cool with the results actually, as I was pretty sure at the time which two schools (that I'd already gotten into) I'd really be choosing between.

If anything, it was a relief to find out that I hadn't gotten in--fewer wrenches, as it were, thrown into the decision-making mix!

But I also thought it was relatively cool of him to handle it that way. I hung up feeling all right. Then a coupla days later, I got the rote, standard "rejection" email, and that felt so anti-climactic that I could only laugh at it!

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