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First World Problem #44: Sifting Through Graduate Program Offers


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I study English Literature, so I applied to MA and MA/PhD programs. So far, I've been accepted to 4 MA programs. I'm seeking some advice about the various programs:


1) Florida Atlantic University with GTA (80% off tuition + $12,000 per semester) 


2) University of Central Florida -- "This program will contact you soon with additional information regarding your acceptance," so fingers and toes are crossed


3) University of Houston, no opportunity for assistantships for MA students


4) University of Georgia -- website says, "Congratulations! You've been admitted," but no letter yet (which I hope includes a nice GTA offer)


So, who has thoughts? Guidance? Words of encouragement swaying me towards one school and/or away from others? Any and all is welcome and appreciated.


I hope you are all struggling with this same problem - admitted to a handful/bunch of school, and having trouble deciding.




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Never pay for graduate school in the humanities, and especially never take out loans.  If Houston isn't offering any kind of funding including scholarships or fellowships, you can rule them out right now.


The first option doesn't sound so bad, but it depends on how much that 20% of tuition costs. Ask them how long your GTAship will last. Do you need to reapply every year or will you remain a GPA as long as you remain in good academic standing? How much is the teaching load? How many classes do they expect you to take while teaching? Can they take it away from you if their budget looks bad? These are questions to consider for each of the programs if and when they offer you funding.

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