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George Washington University and American University


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I was just admitted to their Asian Studies program, but received no fellowship offers from the department. I'm kind of sadenned by this.

On the other hand, I also have yet to hear from American University - but they have a large fellowship I can apply for.

Ugh. Anyone know of Asian Studies/international Affairs fellowships/scholarships I can apply for?

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I'm in a similar spot. 
I got in to Elliott School's International Affairs early last week.
I heard back from American just yesterday saying I was waitlisted for their International Affairs program.


I didn't get funding for either.

I called GWU fir funding opportunities and they directed me to their Office of graduate Student Assistantships and Fellowships http://www.gwu.edu/~fellows
I looked through, most of the fellowship deadlines have already passed. There are still some you could apply for (just check for eligibility). Also, I learned that only PhD students can do Teaching Assistantships.

I haven't checked out American's other funding sources yet. On a side note, since I was wait-listed at American, should I go ahead and try to find other funding or should I just wait for my admissions decision?

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Hi --


I finished my Elliott school M.A. two years ago. I remember in a conversation with the admissions guy that they offer about 25% of students some "funding"--its really just a tuition discount. The highest standard award they will give is half-tuition. A tiny number of students, probably less than 10, receive a full tuition waiver. I believe most of those come from outside sources--my roommate got one and it came with a stipulation that he had to serve in the USG for five years after graduation.


You can, though, defray the cost of tuition by working. I knew a good number of students who were working full-time (usually they would slow down their degree to three years). Working part-time is quite normal, and all the classes at GW are in the evening so its easily accomplished. Much harder, though, to have a good social life! : /


GW was a great program, but reeeealllyyy expensive with cost of living factored in. I got into AU and GW, but AU's offer was much more generous. Honestly, if I did it over again I would have given that AU offer some more serious thought... its also a very good school for professional international affairs.


Feel free to contact me if you want any other thoughts on the Elliott School.

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