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MPP Vs. MA in IR

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Hey all,

I thought I'd give this a shot since I figure there might be other people in the same boat as me.  I was wondering what significant differences there are in the curriculum of MPP programs versus IR programs.  I mean obviously the overarching themes of both programs are different, with a much greater focus on international policy and diplomacy in IR.  But from what I can gather after researching both programs, it seems both stress a quant focus with classes in econ and stats.  Basically I am having a hard time figuring out what hard skills in terms of quantitative analysis I would be getting by choosing one over the other.  

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In an MPP you get much more classes on cost/benefit analysis, policy implementation, etc. In general the degrees are a lot more quant heavy (although SAIS IR program might be more quant heave than any MPP). In IR you get more theoretical classes, yet given the number of electives in both programs, it is possible to taylor them to be pretty similar!

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