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How do I take upper division classes after I've graduated?


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Today, I got my first rejection letter in the mail stating that I wasn't accepted because of my GPA. While it's upsetting because I received my undergraduate degree nine years ago, I want to start taking upper division classes at a college. How do I go about doing that? I tried researching under the School of Continuing Education for some of the universities, but they were more about helping post-grads get certification in things like education and becoming a mechanic. 


Who do I contact in regards to this? I don't know what to do since I'm very distraught by it all. 

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Perhaps something like this program?




It's made specifically for career changers, which I have no idea if you are, but post-bacc certificates are usually a good (if not only) way to boost your GPA, get up to speed with current field trends, and review/refresh what you previously learned.

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You can enroll in a graduate certificate program or you can register as "non-degree" seeking and take upper level classes. I would try to contact the department/grad school you are applying to and ask specifically what courses you need. Since financing is hard to get as a non-degree student it may be in your benefit to take only the necessary classes that pull lots of weight in the admissions process.

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