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Columbia U, UCLA or UIUC ?


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Hello to all

I'm an intl student graduating from Stony Brook University this May and I got admissions for Masters to Columbia, UCLA and UIUC so far (Stony Brook too but i'm ruling that out). I'm having a very hard time deciding so i need your help. Which one would you choose for Software Systems??

I don't think i'm going to do a Phd later since I want to get a good job in the industry.

I'm leaning towards Columbia mainly because of location (I love NYC) and the smaller dept. What do you think?

Also money is not an issue.

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I'm in a similar dilemma, I have been accepted for Masters at Columbia U and Purdue. Both are ranked the same on US news .. and I haven't got any funding from either one of them. Columia seems very lucrative, coz of being in NYC, an Ivy league univ, excellent placement record and active Machine Learning and Computer Vision research(my areas) .. Purdue on the other had, in almost half the cost of Columbia and has higher chances of getting aid as TA/RA in future, but the job scene doesn't look good there. So, money wise purdue is better, but columbia scores everywhere else .. I'm inclined towards columbia, but purdue is still in my mind ..

Can someone list any pros/cons of columbia/purdue, which might help me firm up my mind ?

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Well one more university in the list. Stanford. Makes the decision even harder...

Well, if Stanford is in .. I would pick it . Coz its location ( Palo Alto ) is simply awesome for Jobs opportunities, plus it a league higher than Columbia. UIUC and Stanford are almost equaly good in research.. but Stanford is better in terms of location, weather etc. But i think Stanford is really expensive .. Is it costlier than Columbia ?

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