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Howdy all,

I am beginning my search for the right M.Div program for me. I will be seeking ordination in the Cumberland Presbyterian church, with the possibility of getting my Ph.D eventually. I'm looking for a school that will offer me top class academics and great preparation for the ministry.

My short list is: Vanderbilt, Duke, Candler, Perkins, Yale, Princeton and Harvard. I just got back from my visit at Vandy and loved it.

Are there any schools I should add to my list? Which school(s) fit what I'm looking for?


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Given your goal of ordination and active ministry, I think one of the most important factors will be the community of students and professors at the school you attend. You want a place where you will not only grow in knowledge, but also be nourished spiritually and encouraged in your calling to ministry. There is often a delicate balance between stellar academic prowess and fruitful environments for growth.


Also given your intended future in ministry, you probably don't want to break the bank in loans for an M.Div.


All that being said, your tentative list is a really good start. From what I have heard from friends at Duke, it seems to fit all the criteria you might be looking for and houses a wonderful community of students and faculty alike (though, it is a little pricey).


There's my two cents.


Good luck. Cheers.

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You should also consider what sort of "theological bent" you tend toward. Among the list of schools you've made, there is a wide variation in how each school approaches theology. I'm assuming you aren't interested in Evangelical schools. Tell us, though, do you have any special interests that may help us point you in a good direction? I'd also add to that list: University of Chicago Divinity School, Union Theological Seminary.

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