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Harvard Ed.L.D. 2014 Applications

Sonic Youth

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Hey all,
Are any of you thinking about applying to the Ed.L.D. program this fall? If so, what other doctoral (or masters) programs are you considering? This would be a good spot to post over the next few months for all the prospective Ed.L.D. students. I'm interested in reading bios of the kind of people they admit if any of you have access to that info. Do most have a Master's degree? Are they accepting people from M.Ed programs at HGSE mostly or are they branching out to attract non traditional types? Any insight into commonalities among accepted students would be most appreciated.
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I plan on applying to the Ed.LD program this coming fall. The other programs that I plan on applying to are as follows USC, UMich, UPenn, Berkeley, Vanderbilt, Minnesota, Penn State and Stanford. I do already have a Masters in secondary education as I am currently a social studies teacher but I want to move over into policy as a result of the things that I have seen impact the education that my students receive on a daily basis.

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I'm in the same boat. Where did you get your masters? Mine's from Berkeley, and I'm in my tenth year teaching English...good luck to you! I hope we all hear soon, but from previous years' posts, it looks like we have a few weeks yet.

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