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UIUC aviation fee waiver?


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Any current UIUCer's, especially current grad students?

Just following up on an old practice: A few of my professors from my undergrad days had gotten their PhD's at UIUC. They indicated that during their stays, the tuition wavers for grad students covered all the supplementary fees for aviation classes - the reason two of them had gone on to get their pilots' licenses while they were there.

Does anyone know if this is still a practice? It seems likely, given the amount of said fees, that it was probably discontinued. Still, it would be a nice incentive to go there...

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I am not sure if the whole non-degree student thing applies - that category is usually for students not admitted to any degree in any major at any level. I am asking how it would apply to a grad student in another department. It does at least imply that getting into the courses may be difficult.

The basic question still applies - if you are able to convince the aviation department to let you take courses, will your tuition waiver cover the additional fees?

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