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If you were made into a movie...?


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So we were having some fun talking about this in the chat.. 

If your field were to have a movie, starring a protagonist with an advanced degree in your field, what would happen in it?
Can you think of some ludicrous or poignant plot?
What kind of movie would it be -- an Oscar-bait melodrama movie, an indie international film fest darling, an action-packed feature film, an animated movie, a musical, and on and on?

For example:

Environmental policy -> Erin Brockovich
Archaeology -> Indiana Jones 
Religious Iconology and Symbology -> Angels and Demons

Let's put our overactive imaginations to work! 

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archaeology -> indiana jones

:unsure: there has to be something that involves less looting, less racism, less sexism, and more science..

maybe if wes anderson did a version of indiana jones and tomb raider put together, but with real science, and ridiculous amounts of old western style revolvers instead of a bullwhip and various large weapons? i would totally rock a spaghetti western outfit. quickest trowel draw in the west!

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