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European PhD - job aspects in the USA


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I am early on in my (science) PhD, I still have 2 years left. I live in the EU and have american citizenship and would like to consider working for a while in the USA when I am finished.


I know it is very different working in research in the USA and the UK and Ireland so I was wondering if someone could provide me with some adivce on


1) staying in research - University

2) lecturing only - NO research

3) Research in Industry , like for a company.



Thanks a bunch !

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Its hard to give specific advice as you don't give many details. Generally, I think you can be competitive for jobs in the US if you are going to a well known university and gain relevant experience while completing your PhD. I know some programs in Europe do not require teaching, so you need to gain some teaching experience if you are going to go into lecturing in the US (although I have a friend who who is completing her PhD from a European university while working as a lecturer in the US). You will be competing for jobs against graduates who had teaching duties throughout their degrees. Personally, I would try to get as much experience as you can while doing your PhD - publishing, teaching, research related internships, working on research projects with faculty in your department. This way, you will be well prepared for a range of positions when you graduate. 

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