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Protocol for acceptance?

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I received an email that I've been accepted into Hunter's COMSC program - it was from the clinic director, and he said that I would soon be getting notification from the Graduate Admissions Office as well, if I haven't already. I haven't heard from them yet, and my question is this:


The email mentioned an orientation event for new students, but not the deadline by which I have to accept or decline their offer of admission (I know it's usually April 15th, but I don't want to assume).  I'm still waiting to hear from Lehman College - when I interviewed there, they said that they'd send out their decisions by the end of the first week of April. What's the protocol for a situation like this - should I email the professor directly and explain the situation, or should I go through Graduate Admissions?


I'm totally thrilled and grateful to have one acceptance, but I am interested in Lehman, so any advice will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Update to this - I just spoke to the Graduate Admissions office at Hunter, and I was told that my acceptance is still "unofficial" - it becomes official only when Graduate Admissions contacts me, which the young woman said would be in a few weeks' time. She wasn't able to give me any info about the deadline for acceptance. Any ideas? Thanks!

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