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Best Android Apps for Graduate School?


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Anyone have suggestions on the best android apps for graduate school? This can be anything from organizers to pdf readers! Bring on the suggestions that help you navigate grad school easier!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I don't know if this is on the android system, but I use iAnnotate on my iPad for reading articles, ppt slides, etc. and it's amazing! You can import the documents straight from the internet, highlight, add notes via text or hand, etc. However, when I bought it last year it was $10.

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My best Android apps:

  • Google Keep - note taking service from Google
  • SkyDrive - file storage and synchronization service provided by Microsoft
  • GTasks - powerful and intuitive tasks manager app
  • Apex Launcher - powerful, fast, and highly customizable home replacement for Android 4.0+
  • AutomateIt - simple automation tool
  • MoboPlayer- powerful multi-format video player

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