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Learning Science and Education @ University of North Carolina


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Is anybody else gearing up for applications next year!?

Looking at: UNC Chapel Hill and UNC Greensboro and wondering if anyone out there has some input!!

Does anybody have experience with the SOEs at these schools?

UNC Chapel Hill (from the website) "has gone through a revision" Is anybody familiar with attending a program after it recently has gone through a revision?

At Greensboro it is looking like they have a stellar program in Educational Research.

At Chapel Hill they got a focus in Educational Research within Learning Science.

What are y'alls thoughts?

Anybody out there have experience with the Learning Science field?

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There is a thread I posts a couple days ago on here asking something similar in terms of people who are interested in Learning Sciences. I am going to attend an Educational Psychology program but it has a Learning Sciences program in the same department, which from the sounds of it actually shares my own interests as well in toy/games and learning. I didn't even know there were programs like this out there until viewing my departments website!

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