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Harvard GSE vs. Teachers College


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I have been accepted for an EdM at HGSE and MA at Teachers College. Does anyone have experience at either of these two institutions? I know that Teachers College is ranked #4 and Harvard #6 for education, but you can't help but imagine that in the long run a degree from Harvard would be to your benefit......thoughts on this? Also I still am not clear as to the real difference between an EdM and MA, seems like every school describes these two differently......are they ultimately the same thing?

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EdM is supposed to be more practitioner oriented, MA is more research oriented (PhD prep). But for most people just looking to get a master's, it probably doesn't matter.

I'd go with Harvard. My experience has been with a few alums of both programs.

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That's interesting, I've never heard that perspective before that an EdM is more practitioner and MA is prep for PhD, because I am interested in perusing a PhD at some point (if not directly after), I wonder if its a detriment to get the EdM then......

Harvard does seem like the better choice, more intimate classes and ability to cross register in the other grad schools make it even sweeter ;)

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M.A is more research orientated program in most of the univs. (UIUC, Stanford, U of Mich ect..)

When it comes to TC, however, M.ed is the same as m.a in the others, and m.a in TC is actually the practical one.

You can easily find out by looking which course requires more credit hours and asks for thesis.

M.ed in TC requires 60 hours while m.a only 30.

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