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Teachers College, MA in Psychology- need opinions!


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Hi there,


I am hoping to hear from people who have graduated/are currently attending either the applied or general MA of psychology tracks at Teacher's College Columbia. I applied to the clinical psych PhD program but was accepted to the general psych Masters program.


What are your opinions on either of these programs (general or applied)?


What are the main differences between the general and applied tracks?

I hear the applied is better for those hoping to do a PhD in clinical psychology, but the general is more flexible. Pros and cons for both?


Do you feel you have the opportunity to collaborate with professors on their research?

I already have lots and lots of research experience but really need more opportunities for publishing, conducting research of my own and I'm wondering if that's really possible here as a Masters student.


Do you feel it was worth it to get your MA here before going to a PhD program? I ask because my goal was to go straight into a PhD...I'm finding my GPA (3.18 due to caring for a terminally ill father while in school) might be one of the main things holding me back (received multiple PhD rejections but also received many MA offers instead). I'm feeling I need to prove that I can hack it in a graduate program. I know going to Columbia and doing well will definitely prove this and give me more opportunity to apply where I want for a PhD but yikes, the lack of funding for MA is killing me! I also am not excited to repeat courses once in a PhD program...


Did you receive any funding?


Any other info you find helpful would be great!



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sorry to hear about your father.  that's hard.  take care of yourself too.  self care.


if i were you, i would not go into the columbia ma program.  i would check out other, cheaper alternatives first.  check out the CUNY schools or other public options.  a masters from columbia will bot guarantee a phd track at columbia and it will get you into debt.  if you feel you need more school and better grades, go public or a masters program.  

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I am not sure that I would spend $120,000 on an MA in clinical psychology from TC.  Even if it did help you get into the #1 clinical psychology program after that, how will you repay all of that money?


Could you get a job as a lab assistant or project coordinator in a psychology or psychiatry lab, or even at a school of public health lab?  That will give you the opportunity for publishing and conducting research and many universities will pay for a few classes.  If you did that for 2-3 years, it would be much cheaper than an MA and would probably function the same way.  I've seen 3 lab managers come and go in my current lab, and all of them have been successful in applying to clinical psych programs after they completed 2-3 years of work here. 


Third poster: how can you not care about the costs?  Are you independently wealthy?

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