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Grad level class or Research lab Neuroscience


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Hey guys, I'm wanting to apply for graduate programs in Neuroscience for the Fall of 2014 or 2015 (depending on whether I want to stay another year to take more classes).

I am setting up my schedule for next year and I am trying to make a decision on what to do. My options are as follows:

-Take BIO-638 Developmental Neurobiology

-Do research in a Neuropharmacology lab

My course load is basically full so that is why I have to chose between these two.

I'm wanting to know which one you guys would think would be most beneficial for me, experience wise as well as look the best for grad school advisors.

Thanks, any input is appreciated.

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Research experience would win out, here in my opinion. You can take lots of courses, but there are lots of things you can only learn in the lab. My experience (6 years of it) is what got me into grad school.

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Agreed. Lab experience is incredibly important for Neuroscience PhD programs. The main thing I was asked about in my interviews was my research. If you have the opportunity to do research in the Neuropharm lab, go for it!

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Thanks for the input guys. I had thought the research lab would be the better option. I have 4 semesters of research now, and I'm doing a senior thesis that'll take me two semesters to complete so that will also help me I think.

I think I'll definitely do the research lab.

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