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Classics - the uncoventional path- Post Bacc or not? - help!


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So I am a graduating senior with a 3.57 gpa, president of the history honor society, vp of the world religions club, Latin tutor yada yada yada and I have 2.5 years in Latin (but have been taking it since high school) and 2 years of Greek. I applied to 11 programs, got accepted to 2 and probably will be denied to the last letter that I am waiting on.


From my rejection letters and my admissions letters, it is obvious that all of these M.A. Classics programs hated how little languages I had.


My acceptances came from the M.A. Religions program at U. Chicago and the Classics M.A. at Brandeis.  The religions M.A. sounds weird but I talked to the Dean and my professors that graduated from Chicago said that this program will allow me flexibility to get my languages up while earning an M.A. at Chicago (My undergrad major is history with my minors in Religious studies and Classics). The Religions M.A. only requires like two classes in the dept and a thesis and I can take Classics classes. I got 50% of the tuition waived for the 2-year program so that means about 30K left to pay/take out loans for the program

 Brandeis, however, is a straight Classics program but it's only for one year ant though I got 18K in funds, I will still need to pay about 25K.

Where I'm concerned with Brandeis is that one year seems hardly enough to write a Master's thesis.


Are these choices good or should I re-think and do a Post-bacc

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