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Native American Linguistics Programs With Funded MA's or PhD's that Don't Require MA's


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I am applying straight out of undergrad, though I believe I have a reasonable chance of getting into a program. Blurb about me: I'm an English major with a double-minor in linguistics and anthropology, with a 3.9 GPA. I have completed four semesters of American Sign Language, and by the the time I graduate I will have been a Teaching Assistant for two semesters, as well as had two semesters of leading a language-learning lab for beginner ASL students. By my graduation date, I also will have completed another foreign language requirement in Tagalog (my school doesn't offer any Native languages). I've been working as a URAP student ("Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program") helping a linguistic anthropology professor with his research (three semesters of doing that by the time I graduate). From April of this year to August of this year I will be interning as a transcriber to help with language revitalization efforts of the endangered Native language Ventureno.


I'm applying for the Fall 2014 semester, but I was trying to put together a solid list of six or seven programs to apply to. My MAIN interest is Documentation/Revitalization of Native American languages, though I have a secondary interest in linguistic anthropology (specifically storytelling and the oral tradition/mythology).


The programs I'm strongly considering, are:


University of Montana (MA)

University of Wisconsin-Madison (PhD)

Northeastern Illinois University (MA--though they only offer partial funding)

Arizona (Joint PhD in linguistics and anthropology)

University of Chicago (Joint PhD in linguistics and anthropology)


Are there any other programs I'm overlooking? 



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A good friend of mine in my MA is focusing on Native American Linguistics in her PhD and she says you should also look at: 


UCSD (ling/anth) 

Northern Arizona University 

UC Berkeley


PM me if you have any questions and I can put you in contact with her :) 

Good Luck

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The University of Hawaii at Manoa specializes in Language Documentation and Conservation, but they don't have a specialization in Native American, unless you count Hawaiian. They're starting up a program in signed language documentation, if that interests you.


If you're interested in a formal approach to Native American linguistics you might consider the University of British Columbia. If you're a functionalist, it's probably not the best fit, from what I understand.


The University of New Mexico would be an ideal geographic location for fieldwork, though I don't know much about their program (they do have a strong ASL program, as well).


Good luck!

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Seconding Berkeley, though bear in mind they don't have a terminal master's program (or at least the ling department doesn't). But yeah, documentation and revitalization of Native American languages is super up their alley. For example:






Also UT Austin: they do have a terminal master's program, and they offer a documentation & description concentration as well as a signed languages concentration.

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