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3 Offers - UCLA MSW, SDSU MFT, CSU East Bay MSW

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I have been accepted into three programs.






CSU East Bay - MSW


Which would be the best decision? Here is my situation. I am not well off financially and so I am wondering what would be the best option for me. Honestly, I don't mind either MSW or MFT becasue my main goal is to have a private practice later on. I know that it takes 3200 hours after graduation to earn an LCSW, but I am willing to put in the time to get licensed. Is anyone on here familiar with these three programs? I know that SDSU's MFT program does not provide paid internship, but I am unsure if UCLA's MSW program will place me into a paying position. I really like UCLA's MSW program because it has both a micro and macro track that students can choose from. The only thing is that UCLA is more expensive than the other state schools and rent in the area is a little expensive. I am looking into CSU East Bay because it is closer to home and so I can save on rent. So to sum it up:


Does UCLA's MSW program place students into paid positions?


What would be the best school to pick out of these three?


Do any MFT's wish that they had taken the MSW route?


Do any MSW's wish that they had taken the MFT route?






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I think that an MSW offers more opportunities than an MFT.  I'm in a related field and it seems like I see tons of openings for MSWs but not many, if any, for MFTs.


If you are in-state for UCLA and it's affordable, I think I might pay a little bit more to go there unless it was going to plunge me in some kind of ridiculously unrepayable debt.

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