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Denied opportunity to compete for grants/fellowships.


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This is my first post here on the forums. I actually researched a great many topics on this site while applying to grad school programs. Here is my story and question:


I was accepted into a local art school's MFA program and immediately put on academic probation. I did not receive any information regarding aids/awards/grants/scholarships or fellowships. I let some time pass and eventually inquired to my graduate director at the school if there were other avenues for me to pursue regarding aid from the school to help with the cost of tuition. I was told that because my GPA was low, I would not be offered aid outside of the usual loans.


I immediately emailed and called my grad director. When I graduated my BFA program I did so with honors and a GPA over 3.5 I told the director to please update my files.


So it turns out the school administration entered my GPA transcript information wrong, so I was never considered for grants/scholarships or fellowships because of the "low GPA." The school is now reviewing my account along with those students who did receive fellowships to determine if I am to get anything.


My question is, has this happened to anyone else? Should I be barking and screaming because their mistake will affect my financial ability to attend? Advice and suggestions welcome, looking for insight. Thanks!

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Holy crap! That's terrible! I think you should be barking and screaming!! And continue to do so, even as the semester goes on, I know that some schools (don't know about all) are able to reallocate funds when a student drops out, so as it gets closer to the beginning of classes (and even a week or more after) I would continue to ask (politely harass) your financial aid department/advisors about this. Additionally there are a lot of scholarships that have deadlines coming up around this time and you could apply for some of those to supplement what you may have missed out on. Maybe the school will award you more during your second year? Good luck!

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yes, you should be angry, and you should be sending emails to people further up the ladder (deans, provosts, etc.) about this if you don't get anything.  I am curious how you were accepted and also on academic probation before even starting school?

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