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Hunter MA - seeking advice from current students or alumni


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Hello! I have recently been accepted to Hunter's MA program and I'm in the process of deciding between a few different masters programs. My focus is in modern and contemporary art, particularly issues of gender and representation.


How have you generally been treated by the faculty? In your experience, have they been very willing to work with you, or are they far more interested in their own work? I'm coming from a (really) small liberal arts college in which classes are tiny and I've gotten a fair amount of individual attention. I'm willing to forgo some of this for the benefits of being in NYC and the professors' connections, but not if I am not able to make any connections with professors!


My other question - how common is it for students to get prestigious internships with local museums and arts institutions? It seems like Hunter doesn't work with you too much, you're more on your own?


as the department doesn't give out student contact info to prospective students, any info you could offer about general student life would be greatly appreciated!!

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I strongly believe that Hunter is the best place, hands-down, in NYC for contemporary and modern art.  As for the professors, they're extremely available and always around.  All the classes are on the 15th floor, where their offices are, so you see them all time.  As for internships, we have many people interning at MoMA, the New Museum, Pace Galleries, the Whitney.  I don't study modern/ contemporary but my friends do and it's a great place to be for that area.  I roomed with an IFA student from NYU over the winter who was desperately trying to work with one of our teachers for her masters.  It's a great school with great scholars.  Feel free to PM me.  I'm sort of wondering where you got your impressions of the school from....

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