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Accepted into McGill and UofT for MSW program. What to do?


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Hi, Everyone


I've recently been accepted into both McGill and U of T Master of Social Work programs with advanced standing. I'm really torn at this point. I feel like McGill has the better reputation but UofT has more practice classes than McGill. McGill's program includes completing a research project and 2 research classes whereas UofT has 1 research class and the rest are practical classes. My goal is to practice clinical social work.


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!





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Very different cities/cultures within those cities as well, so I would take that into consideration. I think the reputation of UofT/McGill is almost mute at this point, in terms of how the university is viewed nationally/internationally. One PROGRAM/department may be more well known than the other, but that I'm not sure of (and that is not necessarily a deal breaker). Sounds like the structure of the programs are quite different as well, and you are leaning more towards UofT's approach. If you don't care where you live/about the ranking (as I think they're both comparable) - I'd go with the program which you like the structure of more. 

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I would consider the location that you want to practice in after you get your MSW. Are you interested in working wiht Francophone populations? If so, being in Montreal would give you that experience as well as working with English-speaking population. I don't know much about McGill's program, but I am familiar with U of T's program through my colleagues. They are very happy with their education and are clinically oriented. U of T has a lot of connections with good practicum sites, so I would also compare those with McGill's.

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