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Haven't heard from :


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NYU, Columbia, U.Mass, NorthWestern, UMD, Duke,Harvard, UT-Austin and UCSD .

I know that some of these places have finalize their accepts but I have no idea from others.

I am on a hurry cause I have to answer to GaTech pretty soon . Any Ideas?

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I'm still "waiting" on umich and caltech. Both already had their visit/interview weekends, but after calling, they say decisions are still being made even if you were not invited to those visits. What the...?

Have you tried calling them and asking what's up? And congrats on your gatech offer by the way ;)

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From the Universities you are mentioning I have already heard from University of Maryland College Park, I received the official acceptance via email but when checking their website status page I still see "Pending Decision". Regarding Columbia I was rejected from the PhD program and now I am being considered for MS admission, so I am pretty sure they are still deciding at least on that. No idea about the other programs you are mentioning.

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