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Still waiting on Brandeis and Tufts

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Is anyone still waiting to hear back from Brandeis or Tufts?

Rejections, waitlists, and acceptances have been posted for both. I contacted the DGS from Tufts and she said that if you haven't heard anything that means your application is still under review. Although I have a great and all too tempting offer at OSU, I am considering staying in the Boston area because of my fiance's job. The waiting to find out whether I'll have to make him move is driving me crazy.

Am I the only one who has not been notified?

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Re: Tufts

It's probably not looking too good. Their open house for admitted students is next Wednesday, and their DGS has been very email-happy since late February.

Good luck, though--maybe you'll hear great news very soon! (And congrats on Ohio State!)

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Thanks Scarlett for the info. I really appreciate you sharing what you know. I did not know about the Open House being so soon. As much as I wanted to stay in New England, OSU has a great program and is offering me competitive funding so it looks like we'll be moving to the Midwest... unless a comparable fellowship and acceptance comes from Tufts or Brandeis before the 15th.

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