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How Long Do You Wait...?


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I applied to four schools in late December/early January.  I've heard from two and haven't heard from two.  Of the two I haven't heard from (UW-Madison and UIC), I cannot seem to get any solid answers from them in regards to when I should expect a decision.  I've been told March 15th, end of the month, maybe next month, etc.  I've already requested and been granted an extension on my financial commitment through April 15th of the school I have been accepted to, so I guess I would just ask you guys - is it normal to still have not heard anything from a program (in particular, these two programs)?  What steps can I take, at this point, to get some answers (if any)?  Lastly, how long would you wait for a school to make a decision?


Thanks for any help you can offer.

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I applied to a lot of these same schools last year! It depends on how badly you want to go somewhere. Last year I applied to: Aurora, Loyola, UIC, NYU, Dominican and Mizzou. After finding out more about these schools I knew I wanted to go to UIC but I wasn't notified until June that I was on the wait list. I decided I would rather reapply to UIC then go somewhere that would cost a lot of money and that my heart wasn't set on. So I decided to take a year off to do AmeriCorps. I reapplied in October and just found out that I was accepted to UIC for fall 2013! :)  Remember, you can always put down a deposit somewhere and just lose your deposit money. In the long run, I think its worth it to lose the money and save your spot! Hope this helps a little!

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