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PhD Old Testament


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Hi there. I was wondering, does anybody know where I can do a PhD Old Testament via research without course work in N. America? Let me know.

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Doing it through distance education with a university in the UK or South Africa is probably your only option. Generally speaking, that isn't how the North American model works. If you don't mind working with ultra-conservatives and teaching in schools of that sort, I think Wheaton has a 3-year program. 

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The North American model for PhDs normally includes coursework and comprehensive exams. North American degrees that don't are most likely not accredited and certainly not as widely respected as those that do. UK and other international PhDs are more likely to be entirely research based. There are several well-respected UK institutions that offer PhDs via distance learning, but not many. Exeter is one of those places. But of course, there's no funding and it will run you $150k plus if you manage to finish quickly.

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