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Multiple National Meeting Presentations?

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I just received word that I will be presenting two papers at the SBL/AAR national meeting. Do you think I need to contact the chairs/steering committees to let them know this just in case the highly unlikely event occurs that the two sections are scheduled for the same time? Or should I wait, and contact them only if this unlikely event occurs when the schedule comes out?

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Congratulations on your acceptances! Are the organizers the same or different across the two sessions you'll be presenting at? The easiest thing to do if you haven't already replied to the notification emails and confirmed your attendance at the conference is to simply mention the other talk when you reply to the emails. Otherwise I might just wait and see, unless it's a very large conference and it'd be hard for the organizers to spot it if you are scheduled to be in two places at the same time; in that case they might appreciate the heads up.

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Yes, huge congrats, but this happens pretty often. You definitely should mention your respective moderators about your other panels. Maybe just one email addressed to both of them would be nice, because the moderators may or may not know one another (not everyone in RS knows everyone else).

Again, nice work. See you in Baltimore!

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