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Pre-Reqs this Summer-Syntax or Morphology course (Online)

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I am a Canadian student who has been accepted to an SLP masters in the fall however I need to take a syntax or morphology course first.  Does anyone know where I can take an online course in syntax or morphology this summer? 





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It might be tough to find upper-level linguistics courses like syntax and morphology offered during the summer, especially online. I looked around a bit and couldn't find anything.


Is your matriculation dependent upon a syntax or morphology course, or can you take it at your school in the fall?

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Utah State also offers language science, and they don't charge out of state tuition. I don't know much about Canadian programs, hopefully someone can come on here who knows about them. Good luck!!

Description: Language Science-- Study of clinical analysis of syntactic and morphological properties of speech.

Textbook: Discovering English Grammar by Richard Veit, 1999. 2nd Edition ISBN: 0-205-28483-3


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Thanks so much for your help!  I am going to submit the course descriptions from Utah State and Longwood to see if my program will recognize one of these courses.  I need to finish this course before August to be officially admitted.


Thanks again!



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