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Neuroscience programs. What would you do? I need help.


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I've been accepted to two programs. Indiana Gateway umbrella program (Indianapolis) and University of Vermont (Neuroscience Graduate program).

I am completely confused. I don't know which one to choose.

I've weighed all the factors. The money is not an issue. Although Indiana is giving me way more money...they're charging me fees etc. so that the two stipends are nearly identical.

I loved the research at both places. While Indiana would offer me more opportunities and options, Vermont has many faculty that I would love to work with as well.

I would much rather live in Burlington than Indianapolis with the exception of the winter. I hear they're brutal in VT. My life would be a lot easier in VT because it is a smaller school, smaller campus, smaller community.... although not very diverse. Indianapolis is similar to the city I live in now.

Help...I just don't know what to think...what to do...deadlines are approaching. Any insight would be appreciated.

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