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  1. I would do it earlier. I took my GRE in June and then again in July. The exam is not hard. Even if you are an okay test taker you will do fine.
  2. I really know very little about mechanical engineering, but your stats seem good. What I think is really interesting about your description of your credentials is the amount of experience you already have in your field. You could really capitalize on this experience with a SOP that highlights these experiences and how they relate to your future goals and ambitions. Best wishes
  3. Awesome! Best of luck with everything. Also some really helpful resources: The Reader- It's a magazine (free) that comes out every week on Wed. You can find them at any 7-11, Circle K or convenient store. It is really helpful with getting to know the area, tons of ads and cupons for local restaurants and attractions/ events (concerts, music, bars, local fests. etc). Also has excellent classifieds for apartments. Signonsandiego.com- really great resource
  4. Hey I'm from San Diego/ lived here my entire life. I think you can live in a very nice place for way less than 1600. Clairemont is very reasonable- A little to suburban for my taste, but definitely on the lower end for rent. If you look you could probably find a really nice place for 1100 a month. Pacific Beach- if you're social, like the bar scene, the beach etc. then PB is the way to go. Look for a place that is not directly on the beach. Try Lamont street, Hornblend st, Noyes. These are all do-able places for your budget. Downside is- crime is higher, rowdier area...etc. University City is a nice area, and the area I live in now. It is right by UCSD and within close proximity to a lot of SD. It's super quiet. NOTHING goes on in UC. So if you are looking for a party UC is not the place to go. Linda Vista- the area around USD is very reasonable, although not as nice, a little more crowded. But if you look here you can definitely find something that is 1) nice 2) affordable 3) a socially place to live. Areas I would avoid: La Jolla - way too pricey, difficult to get in and out of, somewhat pretentious crowd, Rancho Santa Fe- unless you're related to a Senator or a Kenedy you are not living here. Coronado: beautiful place to live, just so so isolated from everything, Chula Vista- high crime, dirty (nick name: Chulujana) Logan Heights- highest crime rate in the city, Downtown- now this depends on your tolerance for traffic. Downtown SD is beautiful and fun. Really classy place with lots to do and see. But the traffic... yuck. Hope this helps
  5. Ive moved four times (cross country- from midwest to west coast to midwest to west coast to midwest etc etc etc...) and will move again, this time to the east coast. I have saved papers and projects that have been graded. All as electronic copies. I've saved a few final drafts of papers and ALL of my text books within my discipline. Everything else, notes, tests etc. I've tossed right after undergrad graduation. Hasn't had any negative effect. Do it! Get rid of it all. It feels wonderful and it is so much easier to move.
  6. hey Im kind of curious... where did you choose to go? I was kind of in the same situation. One school- really good reputation, more money but not so great city/living conditions vs. School 2- not as great a research reputation (still good though), less money (although completely funded and livable) and in an amazing city I know I will love. I chose school 2; and am really happy with my decision. Just curious what you chose.
  7. I am so out of my discipline here... but I came across this post and felt like I had something to add. (Gender studies minor as an undergrad) - Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Fienberg -Drag Queen Dreams by Leslie Fienberg -How I learned to Snap by Kirk Reed -Me Talk Pretty one Day by David Sedakis -Handmaid's Tale By Margret Atwood -Dawn and the Xneogenesis series by Octavia Butler -Anything by Jenett Winterson (her short stories are pretty good) -Persepolis by Marjan Satrapi (also a really good movie) - Just thought I would give my two cents.
  8. From what I can gather, they are somewhat disorganized. I called a few weeks ago and found that I did in fact have a place. I had to call again to get them to fax over my address and all other information. They told me I would hear from the current occupant of the house. Yet to hear that either. I understand your frustration. They are annoying, and that really sucks that they have yet to tell you if you have a place.
  9. Would you want to go to a school that did not require its future students to prove they have acceptable writing skills? You are probably thinking: I know I can write. That is all that matters. But would you want to be accepted to a program that has not put forth the proper challenges to determine the quality of your future colleagues?
  10. I think it really depends on the program to which you are applying to. I applied and was accepted to a program that did not require me to have an advisor right away. I also applied and was accepted to another program, on the condition that I found an advisor who would be willing to take me. The program I ended up choosing was one in which I expressed interest in a few of the faculty's research areas, not their specific research interests. My advice to you would be to find out exactly how much your admissions and/or funding is dependent upon the advisor. You can find this out via the program director or through a graduate student already in the program. Best wishes
  11. Find a school that will accept you with funding only. When I applied to schools last go-around for my PhD, I only applied to school I knew would fund me. Meaning, they would not accept students they were not going to fund. There are many schools like this out there. You just have to find them. Best wishes
  12. I did better on the Q- 670 vs. V-540. I think it really depends on the form you get. The GRE is crap anyway... I don't think they will place too much emphasis on it.
  13. I don't know if this will help. But my three recs were 1) my academic advisor 2) a professor I did research with 3) a professor completely out of my discipline who knew I write well. I agree, make sure they are good. This can be done by asking the following: Can you write me a good recommendation? Emphasis on the good part.
  14. I agree with the last post. It would benefit you to take your GRE's ASAP, that way you will not have to worry about waiting for scores to report. I took my GRE's in June and July right after I graduated from my undergrad. It worked out well for me. But if you feel like you need the time to really study for them, then take the time. It's not that hard of a test. Im sure you'll do fine without real intense study. best of luck
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