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Comparision of TV management course at Drexel and Media management at The new school

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I am from India and did my B.E in electronics.  and I was interested in pursuing MS in media management and work in a networking channel or production houses.

I got admission into MS in Television management at Drexel Philadelphia and MS in media management in New school. NewYork

I was unable to decide between two

Can someone suggest me which would be a better college and better course.



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I am not in the Media Management program, but rather the Media Studies program at The New School and my suggestion is that you go with Drexel. The reason being the courses in the Media Management program as far I know do not cover television management specifically. The focus is more on social media and film. In the Media Studies program, there is only one television course. So the School of Media Studies at The New School is not the place to attend for television studies. (But there is always internships that make up for that.)


Actually, I have recently become interested in media management and I am looking into Drexel myself as a second Masters degree. It looks like an excellent program. My goal is to have a manager/executive role at a television network.

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