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Fellowships, Grants, etc. for grad student taking the year off


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I will graduate in May with a Master's degree in history. I'm taking a full academic year off to focus on turning my dissertation into a book. 


I'm wondering if there are fellowships, grants, etc. that are available for someone in my position. Usually these are given to "current students" who are pursuing a degree. However, I also know that there are independent historians who secure funding to finish their work. 


Any thoughts or suggestions?



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I'm pretty sure that you'd have to be currently affiliated with a university or other research institution (like a museum) to receive research fellowships or grants. If you were doing this work as a PhD student, you could probably apply for external funding from any number of various funding agencies, but I doubt that there are funding agencies which will give money to someone who's taking a year off.


That's my take on it, though. I'm in the life sciences, and have never heard of this type of thing happening before. Most biologists I know who take a year off to write books are tenured faculty members on sabbatical. I don't know how things work in history/political science.

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