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Ph.D. Public Policy results from University of North Carolina and Maryland


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I applied for the Ph.D. program in Public Policy at the University of Maryland and the University of North Carolina for fall 2013 session. I have not heard from either of the two universities on my application status. Has anyone heard from them- either acceptance or rejection? Or does anyone has a clue about when they are going to officially release the results?


I have tried mailing and calling them, but it has not been helpful !


Thanks in advance,




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Haven't heard back from UNC since an interview... I've already decided on another school, but I do think it's a little upsetting. 


Maryland, I heard from on March 7th... that's rude weird that they haven't contacted you.


I know that in some cases there can be mixups with applications. Have you had any sort of contact with them?

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I go to UNC undergrad and they are notorious for having horrible administration, the best thing to do would be to meet them in person, if that's not possible, keep calling :-\.

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