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Deferring and Applying Elsewhere 2


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I got admitted to my second choice school (let's say, it's SIPA) with fellowship funding for 2013. Based on a number of reasons, including family and finances, I have decided to defer the offer for a year. During this year, I plan to apply other (more prestigious) schools in hopes of getting a degree from a well-known school (internationally, particularly in my home country) and more funding. I understand I will lose the deposit for both accptance and deferral, if, at the end, I choose not to attend.

Nowadays, my questions are:

1. May I apply to other programs while holding deferred acceptance?

2. Considering I decide after all to go to this school, will the fellowship funding offer carry on or do I lose it because of deferral?

Please advise.

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1. "May you"? Technically yes, I'm sure there's nothing stopping you. Just be careful-- if word gets back to the original school that you're applying elsewhere, it may hurt your reputation, even if you end up still deciding to attend there. 2. That's a question for the program, and one you should absolutely feel comfortable asking, as it's a legitimate inquiry. There's no way for anyone else to really answer that, as there are many factors affecting funding and different sources for it.

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