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Loyola University Chicago?

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I am currently applying to Loyola Chicago's MSW program but don't know anyone personally who has attended there.


If you are applying there, currently enrolled, or a graduate of Loyola's MSW program, I'd love any feedback you can share with me.


As a private uni, their tuition is of course, pretty steep but curious whether they offer generous aid or assistantship options to offset the cost of attendance.


Being from Chicago, it would be ideal to attend school in my home city but I am looking for greater background on this program -  in addition to what I've learned directly from their web site or from admissions.


Thanks in advance!

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I cannot speak to their program, but I can say, I will be attending Loyola advanced standing starting in July. I have not been awarded my aid package as of yet, but I can say they do offer assistantship positions. Additionally, I can speak highly of their staff. They are incredibly responsive, even with what seems like the most mundane questions. Also, my internship is already confirmed for the fall.

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