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Scholarship for international student to finance MPA at Cornell


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Dear friends, it seems that this forum is the only one serious recource in terms of necessary information for postgraduate students. There are a lot of useful information to help people to answer their questions. Thanks to those guys who made such a great job and created this site.


Hope, that i can find your assistance in the following situation:


I've been admitted to Cornell MPA program with fellowship from the university. I was really satisfied with such a positive outcome after huge efforts i made. Now the main issue for me is to find necessary funding to finance my study there. Unfortunately, but i need to raise money to cover all my expences. So far, i've applied for scholarship from the World Bank, but still looking for another possibility.


In this respect, could you please advise what kind of recources exist for those who are international student from formere USSR country to cover full costs of study in the US?


Thank you for help!  

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Here's my two cents' worth. Hope someone more knowledgeable will come along soon.

It is my impression that in order to be admitted as a foreign student by the State Dept., you need to have your finances sorted out? The visa issuing officer wants to see the proof in your bank account?

Funding for foreign students in the US is hard to come by, unless you are a real hot shot in your discipline. But not impossible. Have you inquired about Fulbright? I know, I know, it's a bit late in the season.

Does the universtity offer an assistantship that would waive the tuition fees or some other kind of work-study option? I should think that the first step is to inquiry about funding is within the institution. Cornell is a well-endowed institution, so your chances there are a lot better than at a state school.

Alternatively, depending on your visa, F-1 or J-1, you may find a job outside the university while maintaining a full coursework load?

About you being from the former USSR -- it may help, depending on your regional specifics (Central Asia? persecuted minority?). Generally, graduate students from the former USSR abound in most schools, and  the fact by itself does not carry particular weight.

Best of luck, and be proactive.

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Hi, I am also an international student and please take  my advice. Use the Cornell or Harvard Kennedy scholarship database, spend several hours going through the scholarships you are qualified for and apply individually. Good luck!

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