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  1. I called Dr. Lee and discussed the specifics with him and for now, I might do the dual degree (SIPA then LKY) or SIPA all the way. I will revisit after a semester.
  2. Do you mind if I ask how you got SIPA to sweeten the offer? Did they do it so close to the deadline to get you to go on their own or did you ask them to match funding at SFS? I don't know if it helps but i am in the same boat as you. I plan to start learning Spanish from scratch but the situation does not bother me at all. I kind of agree with soaps, I don't see what the concern is with taking a 5th course if you don't have to work. Also, if you audit the class (is that possible?) and don't do so well in it because the workload is too heavy (I don't think it will be), then at least it won't count towards your GPA. Why don't you call one of the profs and see if it can work with the Turkish classes? They might be able to assuage your concerns
  3. I've had this situation but with another school. I had a nice conversation with the admissions director and she was the one who recommended I decline their offer instead of defering (because I wasn't sure if I would go the next year and she did not want me to lose the deposit). Two years later, I was admitted again with the same scholarship
  4. Got the news last night at 9:30pm Singapore time I got full tuition plus stipend but I can't figure out exactly how much the stipend is because it doesn't say. I called Dr. lee because I cannot open any of the attachments (my computer's fault) and he says it is SGD 1,000 plus housing allowance.
  5. I noticed that Fletcher's enrollment form lists the following schools when asking students where they intend to enroll instead of Fletcher: SIPA Elliot MSFS Kennedy SAIS WWS Yale Center for Intl and Area studies Other Are you surprised that AU isn't up there with GWU? Maryland SPP is not on the list either. I just wanted to point it out since I found it interesting. In my case, I applied to 6 schools and 5 are from this list. The only one that isn't is LKY school in Singapore.
  6. I'm speaking purely from my own bias. I'd take the WWS offer. I don't focus on domestic policy so I can't comment on it but usually, people have a choice between lots of $$ from 2nd tier school and no money from top tier. Your choice is full ride (and more) from top tier and some money from top tier. Also, even if WWS had fewer urban policy profs (don't they have a certificate in that?), they'd be able to spend far more time with you because of the small cohort size and that might make up for the lack of variety
  7. Hi, from what I've heard, I house is okay if you don't mind living in a very small room (in the dorms) and not being able to cook. I asked a SIPA student. She said one friend hated it so much she moved it out and the other ended up loving it. For the apartments, I-house is more expensive than university housing. In fact, someone said that the apartments are unreasonably expensive. I think you have a good shot at university housing- my international SIPA friends got it with no problem. What do you mean sharing a studio? Two people living in one studio?
  8. Hi, I talked to one of the SIPA students who lived in a private dorm room and she said it was awful. It's co-ed. Their definition of "dorm" is odd. She said that the floor is divided up into 4 sections and each section is enclosed. In her case, her section had 10 rooms with 4 bathrooms. She said that the men (ahem, sorry, I am just repeating) kept the kitchen messy and the sinks clogged. She could her people vomitting in the bathroom all the time after parties. She recommended I apply for a room in an apartment and everyone else I talked to lived in the apartments. Besides, some of the apartments are less than a minute away from SIPA. I was glad I talked to this student as I was planning to apply for dorm too. I lived in a dorm as an undergrad and it was the standard dorm- two rows of rooms with bathrooms at the end and they were super clean, single sex, and housekeeping cleaned the kitchen regularly. Just search SIPA 2013-2015 I am in China so it's hard for me to send a fb link.
  9. Thanks Fenderpete Everyone, this is from Fletcher. I found it super useful. I hope you do too. http://sites.tufts.edu/fletcheradmissions/2013/04/17/roxanne-explains-the-summer-internship-process/
  10. I've talked to 2 SIPA professors so far and they've been great. On the other hand, every time I call the academic affairs, admissions, student affairs office, I get frustrated because no one seems to know the right answer and will just give you a generic answer like: search the website or "I think xxx" my theory is that these are mostly graduate assistants who are tasked with manning the phone. Oh, and asst. Dean Nguyen was not helpful when I was trying to decide whether to do a dual degree or not. It's like he wants to give as little info as possible. I've had contact with the Columbia Center in Jordan. I was working on a project in Jordan at the time. I called the center to find out about their projects and they weren't that impressive.
  11. She told me around April 9 that the will write to applicants this week (April 15-19) about the decisions. she wrote to me because they lost some of my documents and asked me to resubmit
  12. I've talked to people who lived in the SIPA apartments and most recommend them. If you are international, you have a good shot of getting housing so you should try that
  13. I haven't heard either. Good grief! They must know that people are deciding this week on whether to accept offers. Ms. Tan says they'll write this week
  14. I think soaps makes a good point. I've never looked into how strong SIPA is at labor and welfare but I doubt it is stronger than HKS. If HKS tends to be strong in that field, you should go there.
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