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  1. I believe only those from ASEAN countries can apply for the ADB scholarship. I was not nominated to apply
  2. I've finally received news today that I was successful in my application. Unfortunately without funding though. =(
  3. Has anybody else heard any further? Or still waiting on news? I'm still waiting for an answer...
  4. I am also still waiting to hear from LKYSPP. Not sure of the reason for the prolonged wait, but the fact that so many of us are still waiting gives me reason to believe that they haven't yet rolled out all offers. Hopefully this wait ends soon.
  5. Ah yes, you are correct on NUS being higher than LSE - sorry, I should clarify. I meant LSE is ranked higher than NUS specifically for the social policy and administration program.
  6. Congratulations! LSE is is higher in terms of world ranking, but the scholarship and stipend make NUS the easy choice (IMHO). Further, the LKYSPP has an exchange program with LSE and several other schools around the world including SIPA, SAIS, Sciences Po and Hertie (if you qualify based on your academic performance in your first year). Though, I'm unsure of what happens to your scholarship and stipend if you do choose to do an exchange program.
  7. I believe that the first round of offers is imminent. I had a check on the NUS Graduate Application portal and noticed a new field called 'Admission Reply' - something I didn't notice before. However, my admission status still states 'N/A'.
  8. I haven't yet heard on my MPP application. I'm not gonna lie - I have been checking my emails, the graduate admission system and this forum very frequently this week for any sign of news. Best of luck to all of us
  9. The LKY definitely has a strong record for employment outcomes amongst their graduates (90-ish% of MPP graduates land a job within their first year of graduation). However, much of the employed graduates end up working in Asia. If working in Asia is aligned to your career aspirations, I would suggest LKYSPP being the better option.
  10. Fascinating profile, Lurcher! You must have had a killer SOP with your journalism, writing skills and experience. Wish you all the best!
  11. Yup, sounds about right. Which program did you apply for, Lurcher? And would you be willing to share your profile (i.e. Background, education, experience, test scores, etc.)?
  12. The results release dates have varied in previous years with initial release dates ranging from mid-March to early April. I received a generic email advising that interviews continue through the month of March and results are released in April. News on the outcome can't come soon enough =/ I have yet to receive an interview invitation (unsure if that's a good thing or not as I can't figure out what criteria is used by LKYSPP for selecting applicants to be interviewed)
  13. Thanks Marky. I'm hoping for good news by then, but haven't received an interview invitation at this point.
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