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  1. Thanks Marky. I'm hoping for good news by then, but haven't received an interview invitation at this point.
  2. All the best for your interview! Would you mind sharing a bit of your profile? I've applied for the MPP as well and have not heard from them.
  3. Still waiting Perhaps to alleviate this anxious wait, we can put our minds off it (albeit briefly) by sharing our background and experience? I'll start! I currently work as a manager in professional services providing risk consulting services for state government in Australia (5.5 years experience). I've applied for the MPP as a means for getting into public policy as a career change and reorient myself towards home in Southeast-Asia.
  4. I haven't heard from them yet. I reckon that Chinese New Year celebrations are likely to delay their interview invitations.
  5. I've got green ticks for all of them. Though I do recall it took a few days before they were verified as submitted.
  6. It should be immediate. May be worth checking if you entered the right email address or asking your referee to check their spam inbox. When they finish the referee report, you should get a big fat green tick under the document check link in your application.
  7. Hi sspxs I've just completed my application for the 2019-2021 MPP intake. I guess it's pretty much a waiting exercise from here - keeping my fingers crossed. All the best for your application!

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