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  1. So, have got a reply to my mail, basically restating that admissions outcome will be released in batches April onwards.
  2. No I haven’t. Checked the portal as well. Nothing there either.
  3. Hi All, Just wanted to check if any new offers have been made this week, especially for MPA? Thank you
  4. Don't think so. I had written to the Admissions Committee on the likely release of results for MPA last week, after MPP offers were made. Have not got a reply yet. God only knows when they will start rolling out MPA decisions.
  5. I experienced the same. Called on two numbers, but no one answered.
  6. Hi, Congratulations to all the people who have been made an offer. Just wanted to know if anyone who applied for MPA programme has got an offer? Thanks
  7. Hi, has anyone heard from the school on admission results yet? While I know they have stated that they will roll out the results from first week of April but just thought if someone has heard from them, it could help us know the revised timeline.
  8. Thank you. Hope it appeals to the School as well.
  9. In a brief, I am a business journalist based out of New Delhi, India. Have roughly about 10 years experience writing on Indian government's economic policies. Have a bachelors degree in economics and a masters in journalism thereafter.
  10. Hi All, So from what I understand, there are four scenarios after you have made the application. 1. You get a direct admission offer along with an offer for scholarship, 2. You get a direct admission offer without a scholarship, 3. You get a call for the interview and then the process moves forward, and 4. You don't get an admission offer. So for people who have not got an interview call till now, option 3 is out for them. The rest of the options, however, are still open! This is my case too. Still lurching in obscurity. Therefore, whoever has an update on their application it would be great if they could share it here. Please validate these scenarios if one agrees. Thanks

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