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  1. Same here, no word on the MPA application, the more time it takes the less inclined & enthusiastic I am. Not sure why this deviation in announcing decisions this year.
  2. Thanks for chiming in and truth be told, I am in the same situation as yours, thankfully my work keeps me pretty occupied during the daytime. But then I see notifications from this thread via email and then I have a sore thumb from refreshing my Gmail account. 🤣 I guess we all are in this together and let us keep cheering each other and as they say: No news is good news. So long!
  3. No information after the interview. I am not sure if we will hear anything this month as we learned that the interviews are still ongoing. What do you guys think?
  4. Thanks for writing that Chao, my words exactly, I am still chilling lol 😁 but as they say, it is not over until it is over. So let us wait and watch!
  5. Man you got into WWS! You have arrived sir, congratulations for that and of course for BSG. Where will you be heading now, though not hard to guess
  6. Similar story here, got accepted everywhere I applied except this one. Btw congratulations for HKS, no mean feat! Congratulations to all those who got in, the BSG blog says 74% of the 2018 incoming class was fully funded so you guys are in for a treat I am sure. Cheers!
  7. I am sure you will make it, with or without the interview and as many have said not all applicants are interviewed so fingers crossed for you et al.
  8. First things first, congratulations to you, good to know that you are still in the race and best wishes for the final scholarship outcome!
  9. Hi there, although I didn't apply for Ertegun/Clarendon scholarships but I see where you are coming from. From past successful applicants for Clarendon the key is to have top-notch grades and if you have it then you stand a real good chance to bag it. Anyhow, best wishes for your decision outcome and do share the good news when you hear it. Fingers crossed!
  10. The admissions blog at BSG has been updated and here is the post that sheds some light on what's happening this season: http://blogs.bsg.ox.ac.uk/2019/03/13/admissions-update-decision-making-time-for-the-mpp/
  11. Great, best wishes to you too, cheers!
  12. Thanks for the response, fingers crossed for you too. I see your concerns and frankly speaking it didn't occur to me until I saw your comment and now am a bit concerned too. Were you interviewed after your application submission and did they ask all your referees to answer a set of questions?
  13. Anyone who applied to the MAIDP program and heard back since you applied? Congratulations to all those who got in, including the ones with $, thanks.
  14. Hi vapra007, I have 10 years of experience in financial inclusion and in international development, both public and private sector. Prepared my SOPs much in advance with dozens of revisions and contacted my referees for recommendation letters by July last year. Had an MPA degree on my mind for a long time now and this happens to be my 1st and final attempt.
  15. I received the email on 22nd February with the following text as excerpt: *** Dear ________, Thank you for submitting your application to the Master of Public Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government. Your application will now be prepared for assessment by our Admissions Committee and a decision should be communicated to you no later than 22 March 2019. *** Clearly a generic email and probably for all the participants. One month to go 🕰️ 📅🕰️
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