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  1. Congrats Charitarth ! It's MPP or MPA ?
  2. had mailed admissions yesterday but got the same reply as last month ... results to start coming out from April and continue till June (wait list clearance) Didn't get any specific date from which offers will be rolled out !
  3. dashp

    JHU SAIS 2018

    when are the results expected to be out ?
  4. dashp

    Syracuse Maxwell 2019

    I got an offer of admission on 28th Feb ... awaiting funding / scholarship decisions before taking a final call ... any idea on the amount of scholarship typically given ?
  5. dashp


    when did u receive ur offer ... early decision ?
  6. dashp

    2019 Canadian MPPA/MPP/MPA Hopefuls

    No update from McGill yet ... First lot of offers came on 15th Feb ... 1 person in the forum had confirmed the same But since then, there has been no activity
  7. dashp

    2019 Canadian MPPA/MPP/MPA Hopefuls

    congratulations for getting through ! just wanted to check when did u submit ur application ? McGill actually is quite competitive in terms of cost of study compared to any top US / UK schools and even UoT !
  8. dashp

    2019 Canadian MPPA/MPP/MPA Hopefuls

    McGill 1st round of results were supposed to come out on 14th / 15th Feb (as per mail revert from Max Bell admissions) ... Has anyone heard back yet ?
  9. dashp

    Hertie School 2019

    had mailed to Hertie regarding the same ... got a revert stating that they are evaluating all successful applicants for funding and will come up with a decision by Feb end !
  10. dashp

    Hertie School 2019

    anyone received funding feedback for January round of admission results ? I got my admit but it has been 2 weeks with no news on funding support !

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