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  1. Woke up to that Oxford rejection letter. Not the best feeling I must say. Also, I think I was right in assuming that all the acceptances are sent on the same day. Good luck to all who got selected. Cheers!
  2. Do you think all the admission offers are sent on the same day? I am nervous now as the rest of us will have to wait for the coming week to figure out.
  3. I also haven't received anything on the admissions yet. Although, I submitted my application only a day or two prior to the deadline date. So, there's still a bit of hope.🤞
  4. Congratulations on your Cambridge offer. I think Oxford's MPP is more reputed and has more funding opportunities owing to the fact that it is an older course compared to its Cambridge alternative. As far as what lies beyond the reputation of these policy schools, sharing solely from my experience as someone who has studied in the UK in the past, it is important to note that there are fewer opportunities in the UK for policy makers than in the US. Most of the policy organisations are either Brussels based or Geneva based with preferences given to people who can speak other European langua
  5. http://blogs.bsg.ox.ac.uk/2020/03/09/admissions-update-the-final-countdown/ This is the latest release by the BSG on the final countdown towards the MPP admissions.
  6. Yes!, it is MPhil in Public Policy. When did you send your complete application?
  7. I also received this email asking for further information. It's usually sent to confirm certain things in your SOP or CV that aren't that clear. I don't think it's a negative as it is required only to help the assessors in clarifying any doubts they have.
  8. Thank you! Since Cambridge has rolling admissions, I got an offer in January itself as I applied for it quite early. When did you send your application?
  9. I have an offer from the Cambridge MPhil programme.
  10. Nah mate! Relax. They'll go through your application now and assess it on its merit. They'll let you know the decision before 22nd March. Cheers!
  11. They recently sent an email to me stating that "your application is now ready for assessment and will be considered by the academic department as part of the January deadline". Fingers crossed. Have you all applied to any other UK school as well?
  12. Dear GradCafe community, I’m an international law attorney currently working in India for a mid-size law firm and I’m planning to move to the UK for good; looking to transition into a job involving more of policy advocacy and policy analysis. I have applied to both Cambridge (have already received an offer, waiting on scholarships) and Oxford (waiting to hear from them) for their respective public policy programs; however, I’m unsure of the prospects which might be there after a public policy degree from the prestigious Oxbridge. I do have the right to work in the UK, but quite scep
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