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  1. Hey there, do not give up yet. I know a few who got partial and full scholarships, but they are also waiting the Chevening outcome. I guess BSG will reasing some grants after the Chevening’s date. ;)
  2. Hey there, congratulaciones to all! To those who got in: see you this fall... to those who did not get in: http://www.princeton.edu/haushofer/Johannes_Haushofer_CV_of_Failures.pdf
  3. Hey Guys, a question from a new applicant. Is it normal that I haven´t received an answer after the 16th (according to their acknowledgement email I was supposed to receive an answer by last Friday)...
  4. Hi there, I´m from Colombia... A lawyer with a PGDip and some work experience in public policy. What about yourself?
  5. Hey there, I know we are a month away from the big date: 15th of March, but I think would be awesome to meet other fellow applicants and share our nerves and profiles!
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