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U of Rochester Phone Interview


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Hi, I am going to have a phone interview with a member of their faculty today. He wrote "You are among the top a few

applicants we are considering at this point" in his email. I don't know what that sentence exactly means. Does anyone know how many applicants they are interviewing? I read a post here that U of Rochester admits less than 10 students.


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Hi, Can you please tell in which group that professor belong to(I mean, Theory, AI or Systems)??. Also, can you share the name of the professor? Best of luck for your interview.

Do you plan to have an interview? My interviewer belongs to systems group. I'm sorry but I don't think it's a good idea to post the name here. :) Thanks and good luck to you.

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Are you an international student? They admit about 12 students each year. Phone interviews are usually for top international students. Domestic student have in person interviews during the visitor's weekend which took place about 2 weeks ago.

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Thank you for information, tedjj. I am an international student. My interview was a disaster due to poor quality of phone line. I am wondering what they exactly mean by the words, "top a few student". Do you know about that? How many students are competing for a slot?

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