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HKS MPA/ID vs Fletcher MIB

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I'm new to gradcafe and have been browsing forums all day. This place is fantastic, so am hoping for some perspective on my dilemma!


I have received admits to Fletcher MIB (with ~ $25k/yr) and to MPA/ID at HKS ($ 0) and am torn between the two. :blink:Would appreciate thoughts on both the programs and how they compare with each other and other competing degrees and in helping me achieve my career objective.


I'm from a developing country and have a private sector background but with a ton of volunteer work. I have always been interested in international and developmental affairs which is why I applied to these programs. I have a prior MBA and an engineering degree. I'd ideally like to work in a consulting organization (that works for the government) or in an IGO in a role that draws from my skills acquired in all the schools. I have a strong quant background and exposure to eco.


Everyone I've been talking to asks me to go for the Harvard brand name (industry agnostic, opens all doors,etc) over Fletcher, though Fletcher's pretty great too. However, it's personally hard for me to say no to a 25k/yr scholarship esp when HKS has given me no funding! :unsure: Looking at the prospect of a $120k loan is scary to say the least! Considering all this, which program do you guys think would give me a better shot at my career goals?

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You are an international student from a developing country; the degree is not worth sticker price, period. Just calculate how many years you will have to work locally to earn the $50000 difference.

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